The TINY emergency survival fire that lasts up to 3 hours!

Perfect for starting fires in the most extreme survival condition. Cook food, boil water, keep warm, and even light WET wood. Our unique discovery makes this amazing survival tool possible.

Get a pack of 4 now for only $24.99!

(Normally $59) That's 60% off!

How will you cook food or stay warm in an emergency?

The Survival Cube makes use of our mind-blowing discovery on how to sustain a TINY fire for up to three hours.

It is waterproof and non-toxic and doesn't expire which makes it perfect in scenarios where you need to create a fire quickly.

The compact design allows for fires on the go and can be taken anywhere. Imagine being in the dead of winter without a dry stick in site with which to start a fire. Or, imagine needing warmth or to be able to cook food after a hurricane when the power goes out. The Survival Cube is your answer to starting a fire quickly in those scenarios.

The Survival Cube is made to be simple and straightforward to use, so you can start a fire when you need one most.

Every cube is hand made at our farm in Florida and inspected for quality.

Get a pack of 4 today for only $24.99!

(Normally $59) That's 60% off!

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